Why is Online Brass Jewelry Becoming The New Gold?

When it comes to Brass Collection online, people have been fussing about it for decades! It is now considered as precious as gold, and the main difference lies in your investment in it. The transitions in the pure brass jewelry have been remarkable. 

Today brass is being used to manufacture various objects like jewelry, machinery, decorative items, musical instruments, household items, and more. People are investing in brass because it gives a similar look to gold but is more affordable. 

You might be pondering that “Is brass coming back in style 2021?”

Well, don’t stress we have the perfect piece to reveal the answers! 

What is brass material?

Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper. It has excellent flexibility as silver or gold. This means it can be shaped into neat and unique patterns. Most of the new trends in brass are both unique and beautiful, making its space in the hottest fashion trends. 

When it comes to the Brass Jewelry India, you might have seen a unique appeal to buy it for different occasions. The sheen of the brass collection online has been turning heads and drawing attention as fashion accessories.

The Reasons Jewelers are investing their efforts in brass collection:

  • Flame Painting is beautiful  

Similar to copper, brass will show gorgeous colors and patterns when it is passed through flames.   

  • The Resemblance of Gold 

Some people are more drawn towards the warm gold, which might burn holes in the pockets. The raw brass jewelry collection online has the same glow of warm yellow. Jewelers can make it shine like warm gold at a lower cost and quicker. 

  • Handles Hotness  

Many metals used for jewelry are not capable of handling the heat of the torch, and they melt immediately. At the same time, brass holds its state in flames and turns beautiful. 

  • Creating patterns is easier 

Being highly flexible, the jewelers can easily customize the brass metal piece as per customers’ demands. This helps to give a personalized touch to the jewel. 

This might make you a bit intimated with the online brass collection. Do not leave here! We have more in the box when you are planning to buy brass jewelry online

What are the must-known facts of brass jewelry? 

The Indian Brass jewelry always stands out in the market with its most delicate details. Let us take a glass at things you should know about why brass is new gold: 

  • Brass doesn’t cost a fortune 

It is affordable, unlike Gold jewelry. With the fashion trends, you can look both stunning and hot with the right piece of brass jewelry.

  • The Luxurious Appeal 

The online brass store India ensures to give a unique pattern and style to the brass jewelry piece. It has a luxuriously textured surface which adds a tinge of luxury to your jewel. 

  • Easier to turn-and-twist 

You get statement fashion pendants to minimal western earrings made up of brass metal. Brass is a modern metal among jewelry designers. 

  • Comfortable to wear

The brass jewelry collection is comfy to wear and easier to carry. It needs minimal attention and care to maintain its yellow shine. 

  • Good for health 

Did you know brass is a vital nutrient for metabolic function? Well, brass has some anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Also, it helps to improve your digestion. 

  • Higher Durability 

People are online shopping for brass items due to their unique features. Brass is famous for its malleability, strength, and durability. It is perfect for creating complicated jewelry designs and patterns. Brass metal will not break easily. Instead, it will stretch in case of pressure. 

A brass jewelry piece is known to last a lifetime if it gets reasonable care and maintenance. Unlike iron, brass metal resists corrosion and does not rust. 

How to maintain the yellow glow of your brass jewelry?

Some tips for maintaining your brass jewelry are:

  • Store them in pouches or jewelry boxes 
  • Protect them from getting in touch with the acidic substances 
  • Remove your jewelry pieces when swimming, cleaning, or sports events 
  • Spray your perfumes away from the brass metal 
  • Take off your jewelry when you sleep 

Reasons behind brass jewel tarnish: 

  • The pH of the skin is different for everyone. It might react with people with having higher pH acidic skin. 
  • Cosmetics 
  • Maintenance products  
  • Humid Environment 
  • Perfumes 
  • Chlorinated pool water

Methods to clean and maintain the shine of brass jewelry: 

  • Baking Soda: Place the baking soda on a wet toothbrush and rub gently 
  • White Vinegar: Soak your brass collection in white vinegar for 2 hours and then wash them off. 
  • Lemon Juice: Squeeze lemon juice, then soak a toothbrush and rub it gently 
  • Toothpaste: Cover your jewelry with toothpaste and let it sit for 30 minutes, then wash it off. 
  • Salt+Lemon: Cut the lemon and dip it into salt. Then rub it over the brass jewelry and rinse it thoroughly. 

How to style your brass jewels? 

  • Match the skin tone 

When it is about brass jewelry, there are multiple options for you. As a customer, you can go for yellow, warm yellow, or rose gold. Feel free to experiment with different brass jewelry tones to know which works for you. 

  • The correct color for the outfit 

Some people plan to have color coordination when it comes to clothes and ornaments. You should thoughtfully make a purchase and try it with different colors. Being affordable, you have the option to make a brass collection that matches different attires. 

  • Accessorize for occasions 

Every brass collection online is beautiful in its own way, but some are better worn on specific occasions. Huge chunky pieces are perfect for parties and not for your office meetings. When you are at work, go for delicate and minimalist ornaments which give an elegant look. 

  • No compulsion to match everything 

Do not limit yourself to match everything with your outfits or skin tones. Sometimes you need to get a unique look by breaking the monotony. You can select tempting patterns and colors. Sometimes a little out-of-the-box jewel can slay. 

Ending on a good note!

At Zilverine, we wish to craft the best brass collection online that is beautiful, unique, and creative. We understand the latest fashion trends and demands of our customers. We are always here! To give you the best patterns, designs, and colors for brass jewelry. 

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