Why Do Women Love Sterling Silver Stud Earrings?

Silver jewellery has always attracted people in India and across the world for various reasons. In India, silver jewellery is not purchased and worn only for the sake of looks and fashion but are purchased as traditions as well. Silver in comparison to gold is much cheaper and easier to maintain. Silver in India is also purchased for investment purposes as well. When it comes to jewellery, women have a natural inclination towards earrings and silver stud earrings are the major attraction for them. These earrings look very attractive and are apt for men and women of all ages. There are hundreds of different designs available that give people a variety of options to choose from.

The popularity of stud earrings is increasing every day. We are listing some reasons below that will reveal why these earrings are so popular amongst people of all ages.

1. Goes well with everything:

One of the best things about silver stud earrings is that it suits everything you wear. Be it traditional Indian wear or classy western wear, these stud earrings go well with everything. No need to match your earrings with your clothes anymore. The simple designs of these earrings make them perfect for all occasions whether you are in a party with friends, a traditional Indian marriage ceremony or at an official party.

2. Suitable for all age groups:

As discussed earlier, the demand for these earrings is increasing every day and the reason behind it is that it suits people of all age groups. From school going kids to college-going teenagers, working professionals and older people, it suits perfectly. Even kids can wear them because of their simple design, lightweight and affordable prices. Even if kids lose them, you will not be in a big loss as they are very pocket-friendly.

3. Easy to carry:

These earrings are very easy to carry and extremely comfortable to wear which also is a big reason for its popularity amongst all age groups. They are extremely light in weight which is why they can be worn in the gym, at work and even at home while pursuing your daily chaos. They are made with extreme precautions and this is the reason they will never damage your ears and no matter how long you wear them, you will always feel comfortable.

4. Skin Friendly:

Sterling silver as we all know does not cause any discomfort to the person wearing it. It does not cause any rashes, redness or allergy to the skin unless you yourself are allergic to metals. Even if you wear them for a longer period of time, there will not be any sort of allergies or discomfort whatsoever which makes it very popular.

5. Combination with stones:

Silver Stud Earrings

Although these earrings look fantastic even when worn alone and with all the attires, if you want to have an experiment with your looks, you can try these earrings with different combinations of stones as well. The bright and colourful stones, when combined with stud earrings of silver, creates an exquisite combination which you would always love to explore and try out on different occasions. Just give it a try sometime.

The ever increasing popularity of these earrings has been motivating the makers to introduce more new designs and patterns which is increasing the choices for the buyers and satisfying them every day.

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