Ways to Find Out Your Ring Size

Rings are one of the best jewellery you as a man or a woman can have. They do not only give a boost to your looks but also to your confidence. Women are fond of rings and purchasing rings is a very satisfying task for them. Some people wear rings with precious gems like Sapphire, Emerald, Diamonds, Ruby etc for astrological purposes while most of the people wear rings as a fashion accessory. Some people buy silver rings online while some personally go to physical stores and purchase them. Whatever the case may be, rings are something which attracts men and women equally. In Indian traditional weddings, gifting gold and silver rings is a very common and popular ritual.

Whether you are purchasing a ring for yourself or for someone special, knowing the ring size is extremely important. Wearing a ring that is too tight or too loose will always cause discomfort for you making your experience bitter. While a tight ring might cause skin rashes, bruises and pain, wearing a loose ring will always have a risk of falling down or getting lost. So, always make sure that you don't go wrong when it comes to ring sizes.

In this guide, we will be providing each and every detail which will help you to accurately measure your ring size and make your experience worth remembering.

Factors to Be Considered While Taking Ring Measurement:

There are a few factors which you must always keep in mind when you start to take the measurement of your ring. Following these steps would definitely help you in accurate measurements.

  1. Always remember that your fingers of both the hands i.e. the left and the right hands are different and hence their sizes are different as well. So, never assume that both are the same and if you have one ring on the right hand, don't just go and give the same size if you want to wear your new ring on the left hand.
  2. Size of the fingers is different at different times of the day. For example, if you work out or do athletics, your fingers swell up thus giving a wrong measurement. Also, fingers are smaller in the morning so better to take the measurement in the afternoon or evening when you are just relaxing and not doing any work.
  3. The ring must not only fit in the finger properly but also needs to be free on the knuckles so that you can put it and take off without much effort. If it is tight on the knuckles, you will have a hard time removing which you would never want.
  4. Band rings feel tighter as compared to rings of the same size due to the width.
  5. Always take the measurement when the finger size is the largest or it might create a problem later.

How to Take the Measurement?

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If you buy sterling silver rings online, you will obviously not go to the jeweller for taking the measurement and if you don't know the ring size, you won't be able to purchase the ring. In such cases, you should know how to measure your ring size at home itself.

Using a piece of paper, a measuring tape or a string is a very handy and effective way of measuring your ring size at home itself without going to the jeweller. This is how it is done.

  1. No matter if you are using a piece of paper, a string or a measuring tape, the process is the same for all except for the measuring tape, it becomes a lot easier.
  2. You just need to wrap the measuring tape putting one end at your knuckle and rotating the other part so that the finger is wrapped making a circle. Just note down the measurement and that is your ring size.
  3. If you are using a string, wrap the string starting with your knuckle and then to the finger exactly like the measuring tape. Hold the two points, unwrap the string, put it in a piece of paper and measure the two points. That will be your ring size.
  4. If you are using a piece of paper, wrap the paper around your finger just like the above steps. Take a ruler and mark the two overlapping points, measure the distance and that will be your ring size. Just to be sure, you can insert and remove the wrapped piece of paper multiple times to feel if it perfectly fits you.

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