Trendy designs for Sterling Silver bracelets

Silver is one of the most beautiful and affordable metals of the recent times and it has been seen that a lot of people have been shifitng to silver from precious metals like gold and platinum. Silver is extensively used for making jewellery for men, women and children and looks very attractive. In India, silver is not only used in making ornaments, but also in making various utensils like glasses, spoons and plates. Jewelleries like rings, bracelets, chains, pendants and bangles attract a lot of people. If you buy silver bracelet online, you will see a lot of variety, designs and patterns which look very beautiful and eye-catching.

When it comes to bracelets, you can see a lot of different attractive designs made for younger as well as for older people. No matter if you are a working professional, a college-goer or a house wife, there are thousands of designs available for everyone. You can either purchase these braceletes for yourselves or can gift to your loved ones on different ocassions. We, in this guide will list some of the most trendiest designs for bracelets which you will definitely feel handy while purchasing them.

Bangle Bracelets

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Bangle bracelets are one of the most popular types of bracelets which are not even popular in India but across the world as well. A lot of hollywood stars too can be seen wearing these bracelets on multiple ocassions. The speciality of bangle bracelets are that they come in a lot of varieties and designs and you have many options while you purchase them. They can be stacked with other bangles or can be worn individually as well.

Cuff Bracelets

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Cuff Bracelets are costlier than other type of bracelets as they are thick and heavy. They are also opened on the sides and not closed like other bracelets. They look very attractive because of the heavy look and are perfect for weddings and traditional functions. They look beautiful specially on older women as they are able to carry them with a lot of grace and poise. A lot of Bollywood and hollywood celebrities have bene seen wearing these beautiful bracelets at times making them more and more popular and trendy.

Link Bracelets

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Link bracelets, as the name suggests are the bracelets made by joining multiple links giving rise to a very beautiful design which is in trend these days. Link bracelets are not even popular amongst women but are also loved by men. One of the popular designs loved by men is the Bike Chain link bracelet which gives a rugged look and is very trendy. In women, Byzantine link bracelets ar very popular.

Chain Bracelets

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Chain bracelets are the oldest and the most popular form of bracelets that are being worn since a long time. They give a classy look and their timeless design is something that never gets old. Chain bracelets are still popular amongst people of every age and that makes it versatile and also makes it a perfect choice for gifting purposes in weddings and anniverssaries.

Charm Bracelets

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Charm bracelets are old designs which has regained its popularity during recent times. These type of bracelets have marked their names as tourist collectibles as many countries embed their famous monuments on charm bracelets and sell them to tourists as a memorabilia. Teens and youngsters are specially fond of these bracelets as they look very unique and trendy. If you buy silver bracelet online , you will find many amazing designs for these bracelets.

Single Stone Bracelets

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As the name suggests, single stone bracelets are the ones which have a gemstone attached to them. Many people have a special love for gemstones and having them on their bracelets is like a “cherry on the cake”. A beautiful gemstone on the centre of the bracelet or multiple gemstones on the sides are some of the most popular designs you will see in such bracelets. A single gemstone on the bracelet does not only give it a posh look but also makes it noticiable from a distance making it look extremely attractive and pricey.

Taking care of your bracelets

When it comes to sterling silver bracelets, it becomes very important to take a very good care of them so that they do not lose the lustre, shine and looks with time. Sterling silver bracelets are more vulnerable to dirt and tarnishing and with few simple home remedies, those can be avoided. Apply them at your home and keep your bracelets new for years.



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