Top 5 tips for buying the best sterling silver jewellery

Sterling silver jewellery offers a timeless and sophisticated option when it comes to buying classic jewellery ornaments. Its incredible durability and popularity make the sterling silver metal the favorite choice for fashionistas around the globe. If you are planning to purchase sterling silver jewellery this season, first of all, congratulations on the excellent decision, and secondly Zilverine is ready to make your online silver jewellery shopping a hassle-free experience. We know it's exhausting to keep up with the latest jewellery trends but the sterling silver ornaments are always in fashion and their charm will never fade away.

The 925-sterling jewellery is not cheap as the normal silver jewellery but the quality and the lifetime durability it offers are worth the extra amount you pay for it. There are endless options available in the market and you can easily make a new sterling silver jewellery collection in no time. People who are allergic to metals such as nickel or brass can wear sterling silver jewelry without much worry, thanks to the hypoallergenic features of sterling silver. Trust us, this is the best time to upgrade your jewellery collection by adding the latest sterling silver designs from Zilverine, and to make things easy, here are the top 5 tips for buying the best sterling silver jewellery online or offline.


Research and compare the price of sterling silver jewellery

Research and Compare

Sterling silver is a valuable metal and there will be a price difference between different sellers. The best way to find the value for money is to compare the price of several sterling silver jewellery sellers and choose the right one. Do not fall for the unbelievable offers flaunted by online websites and be very careful while choosing your sterling jewellery partner, cheap prices may be a sign of low-quality silver and fake products. Always check the current market price of the sterling silver and compare them with the prices offered by different sellers. Consider the refund and return options provided by the seller before confirming the purchase. Make sure the seller is ready to provide the bill with all tax details and refund options.


Talk to your sterling silver jewellery seller

Talk with your sterling silver jeweller

It doesn't matter from where you are purchasing your sterling silver jewellery, whether it's online or from a local store, never miss an opportunity to talk to the seller or their representative. Ask about the pricing methods the store uses to sell their sterling jewellery pieces and the discounts available. Most online jewellery stores provide excellent customer support because we all know talking to a real person before finalizing a purchase will resolve many doubts and boost the connection between the customer and seller. Check the reviews of the seller and be prepared with your questions when you talk to them. A genuine sterling silver jewellery seller will be more than happy to answer all your doubts and help you make the purchase with confidence.


Take precautions before purchasing sterling silver jewellery online

Take precautions

In the new normal of living, we all prefer online shopping. Online silver jewellery shopping is also gaining huge popularity as the millennials prefer to sit at the comfort of their home and check all the designs through the online store. It's more convenient and safer but you need to be cautious while choosing your online partner. There are thousands of online jewellery stores and many of them try to lure the customer by offering huge discounts. Don't fall for them and select a store with good online reviews and testimonials. Most of the reputable online jewellery stores have at least one physical store and if you can find it you are at the right seller. is one of the most reliable online silver jewellery stores and we welcome you to check the feedbacks left by our valuable customers to understand the timeless bond we create with each one of them.


Physical tests to ensure quality sterling silver jewellery

Physical tests

There are multiple ways to check the quality and authenticity of sterling silver jewellery. The easiest test is the magnet test and you just need to locate a magnet and see if the silver piece is magnetic or not. Silver is not a magnetic metal, so if your jewellery is latching on the magnet, it is likely to be nickel or another metal. Only strong magnets can give fair results so find a good quality magnet before performing this test.

To make sure you are purchasing good quality silver metal, use a clean white cloth and rub your silver piece with it. If you find black marks on the cloth, the silver is of good quality for sure. When exposed to air, the real silver metal oxidizes and produces these black marks. These are some simple methods to test the jewellery physically and they will be very handy if you are purchasing sterling silver from a local shop.


Ensure silver grade specifications or hallmarks

Ensure for hallmarks


Real silver has markings that distinguish them from fake products. Ask your seller for hallmarking of the jewellery. Genuine sterling silver will have STERLING or .925 etched on them and you can find it easily using a magnifying glass. Pure silver is softer compared to sterling silver and the presence of other metals makes sterling silver more durable. Don't hesitate to discuss the silver grade specification with the seller and never settle for anything less than high-quality sterling silver. This is the most important tip for buying the best sterling silver jewellery and if you consider this before making the final decision, we ensure the best value for money for your purchase.


Buying sterling silver jewellery can be an overwhelming task for many of us but if we keep few things in our mind, it can be a hassle-free experience. Sterling silver jewelry is appropriate no matter what the occasion and while you decide to purchase them, you deserve nothing less than the best quality silver. We believe the above small tips will help you while you decide to upgrade your jewellery collection with the latest sterling silver jewellery designs.


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