Tips & Tricks to Smartly Store Your Silver Jewellery

Just like any other jewellery, your collection of Silver Jewellery also needs extra love and care to keep it ever-glowing and shining. We are sure you have your methods or processes to clean, store and safeguard your jewellery items but do you know that some storage ideas could be harmful and some can be extremely easy and helpful at the same time. To provide you with the right set of actions, we have curated a smart list of tips & tricks to store your jewellery. Let’s check it out! 


You are probably following your method for jewellery storage for a long time. So, before you try adapting a new storage method, how about cleaning it first and then following the rest of the things.


Here is an Easy, Smart and Ideal Method to Clean Your Silver Jewellery:

Step 01: Take a mild dish detergent and add it in lukewarm water.

Step 02: Put the jewellery in the solution and let it saturate it.

Step 03: Now, you can use a very soft-bristled toothbrush for the buffing. Try to remove all the gathered dirt on the silver jewellery.

Step 04: Dry-pat the jewellery with a soft cloth.

Step 05: Use a silver-polishing liquid to remove the tarnish 


Okay. So, it’s a happy-cleaning! 

Pheww.. now let us start with a simple silver jewellery storage method: 


  1. Clean the Silver Jewellery:

Wearing a piece of silver jewellery can deposit sweat on it and this brings more moisture on it leading to tarnishing. Don’t forget to follow the above-mentioned steps to clean the jewellery. So, every time you wear or store your silver jewellery don’t forget to first clean it properly. Use a piece of cloth or cotton to clean your silver jewellery, wipe off the sweat on it and then it’s ready to store again!


  1. Store It Inside A Closed Box Tightly:

When you store your silver jewellery, we advise you to not store it simply in any box. Use an airtight box to store your silver jewellery. There are anti-tarnishing wooden boxes also available in the market, you could also use the same to store the silver jewellery with care. If it is not stored properly, there are high chances that the silver jewellery may lose its shine or colour. You don’t want the charm of the silver jewellery to fade away. Right?


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  1. Wrap Your Jewellery with Anti-Tarnish Paper/Cloth

Anti-tarnish papers are papers that helps in preventing metal items from tarnishing. It can protect your silver jewellery along with your other gold, copper or bronze jewellery items. Therefore, start adapting a smart way of storing jewellery by wrapping your beautiful and precious silver jewellery with anti-tarnish paper or cloth. It’s an amazing way to protect your jewellery to always shine and also stop from jewellery discoloration. 


  1. Organize Your Silver Jewellery Properly

When we say organize, we mean to use a different set of boxes for different jewellery type. It’s important to put the jewellery in different boxes or containers so that the jewellery doesn’t break easily and stays safe from any scratches. Allow your silver jewellery to breathe and shine!


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Now, providing you with some science-based answers on where to store your silver jewellery.

YES! It’s extremely important to find and store your silver jewellery for complete care.

Here’s where you can store your silver jewellery:


  • Use a box lined with a felt. When you use such a box, the felt does a miraculous job of absorbing all the excess moisture in the box and prevents the jewellery from tarnishing. 
  • If you have large jewellery pieces, use a felt pouch or a silver polishing cloth to store. DO NOT use a newspaper to wrap and store your silver jewellery. The idea is to keep the jewellery away from too much air. 
  • Choose a place that is sun-light free. That means that no direct sun-light should touch your silver jewellery because you don’t want it to get exposed to UV light rays at any cost. 


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  • The storage place should be a safe place/box/pouch.
  • We advise you to get your silver jewellery polished twice a year at least.
  • You can use twist ties for necklaces to prevent tangling.
  • You can also use egg cartons to store your earrings.
  • During summer, try having an air-conditioned space with no excess moisture around the jewellery. 
  • Storage Room Type: You can use a dark room for storage
  • Storage Temperature: Use a space that has a consistent temperature. Also, choose a cool room.


Bonus Tip: Use a place like a dressing table or a designated place especially for your rings, earrings, bangles and other such jewellery. Having a habit of keeping silver jewellery always in the same place, the same spot could be the best thing ever!


We hope that this helps you! 

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