Tips to Prevent Silver Jewellery from Tarnishing

Purchasing, preserving and gifting silver items has been a tradition in India and also across the world. Whether they are silver coins, silver chains, necklaces, coins or bracelets, people buy a lot of silver items in India for various purposes. When compared to gold and platinum, silver is cheaper and easier to maintain. Silver items are very much affordable and come in various forms and designs hence very appropriate for gifting purposes as well. Sterling silver jewellery is very much in demand and hence they are being made in large numbers and designs to suit customer needs.

When it comes to silver jewellery and ornaments, one of the major drawbacks of them is that they get tarnished very soon and easily. Gold and platinum, on the other hand, retain their shine and lustre for a very long period of time without tarnishing but maintaining these precious metals is not very pocket-friendly as polishing and buffing of gold is very costly. Silver gets easily tarnished with time and if you want your silver items to look exactly like the fresh new one, you need to prevent them from tarnishing.

Why does silver tarnish?

No, the question is, why does silver tarnish so easily and frequently. Well, fine silver is very much resistant to tarnishing and maintains its colour shine and lustre for a very long time. Sterling silver on the other hand, when exposed to humidity gets tarnished very fast. Not only humidity, sterling silver jewellery when comes in contact with makeup products such as creams and lotions, reacts very fast and forms a black layer of coating on itself which makes the jewellery look dull and old. Also, Alloys in the sterling silver reacts with air and sulphur chemically and tarnish very quickly resulting in the loss in lustre and colour.

How to prevent silver tarnish?

Tarnishing of silver cannot be the reason of not buying it as it can be prevented with very few precautions and can be removed very easily as well. Tarnishing of silver can be a drawback but there are other major advantages which makes it the most widely purchased metal in India. With very few and easy steps, you can prevent silver from tarnished and if it has got tarnished already, few methods can make it look fresh and new as before. The point to be remembered is that you can slow down the process of tarnishing but cannot prevent it completely as it is a natural process. Let us discuss those methods in detail.

1. Restricting chemical contacts

One of the major reasons why silver gets tarnished is because of the contact with chemicals. The various chemicals present in the things you use in daily life like latex, onions, wools, oils etc react to the sterling silver alloys and tarnishes the silver as they contain sulfur in them. Make sure to clean your silver items from time to time so that the process of tarnishing can be slowed down. Also, it is always advisable to remove all the silver jewellery before taking a bath or going for swimming. Makeup products such as cosmetics and lotions when come directly in contact with sterling silver, makes it tarnish gradually.

2. Precautions in Storage

One of the easiest ways to prevent silver from getting tarnished is to make sure that its storage is done in a proper way. The more you protect your silver jewellery from air, moisture and humidity, the more time it will be safe from tarnishing. For this, you must store all your silver items in air-tight boxes or bags which will prevent air contact. Also, there are anti-tarnishing strips available which can be used and put inside the storage boxes to prevent tarnishing. You can also use silica gel and pieces of chalk to absorb all the air and moisture present in your storage boxes.

3. Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning the silver items, always use warm water with a gentle soap to clean them. When the washing is complete, make sure to use a soft and dry cloth to clean and remove all the water spots from the body to prevent moisture. Also, make sure to polish your silver items from time to time in order to keep its shine intact. There are also silver jewellery cleaners available in the market which will definitely help you to clean and prevent your sterling silver from tarnishing.

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