The Secret Powers of the Evil Eye - Why to wear them?

Evil eye jewelry has been known to emerge since the Paleolithic era. You might have seen it as part of various Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian cultures. They believe that receiving evil eyes will lead to misfortune, injury, or bad luck. 

Evil exists in the eye of the beholder!

What is the history of evil eye jewelry?

The superstition and symbol of the evil eye are the strongest symbolic images around the globe. Evil eyes are the expression of pain, harm, and misfortune. This is a clear indication that people are interested in doing something bad or purely malicious. 

The earliest evidence shows that the evil eye has been the greatest threat who overly praise or get more than they deserve. Obviously, the person praised is happy, leading to bad luck through an evil eye which causes physical and mental illness. 

Some also believe that this is God’s method to maintain the balance. When people are too proud and overachieve, the evil eye destroys it and restores it to the mortal level. 

What are the secret powers of Evil eye jewelry?

    • Buying an evil eye bracelet online India will protect you from evil spirits and harmful forces. It uses the powers to save you from a malevolent glare.
    • The blue color radiates positive energy and good karma. With the evil eye jewelry, you get the force of protection. 
    • The evil eye is believed to maintain prosperity and peace to the wearer. 
    • True evil eyes will lead to ailments from fatigue, depression, and insomnia. So, by carrying a piece of jewelry, you will stay healthy and happy.  
    • By having an evil eye online India you bring good luck. The symbol has magically bestowed health, happiness, and good luck for the beholder.
    • This blue-eye amulet will shower luck, peace, happiness, and good health.
    • The evil eye jewelry will drive off the negative energies built by hatred, envy, and jealousy.
    • It will continuously radiate positive vibes.

What do the different colors of the evil eye indicate?

  • Blue: This is the traditional color for positive energies and good karma. This ensures your commitment, protection, and creativity. 
  • Light Blue: This will symbolize the truth and broaden the horizons. 
  • White: It is a pure color related to the light, purity, and goodness of your life. 
  • Purple: The color is devoted to removing obstacles from your life and maintaining balance. 
  • Green: This encourages you to enjoy your life with new ideas and gratitude
  • Pink: It is a calm color that protects your friendships 
  • Red: This is a symbol of fire which gives you increased energy, courage, and strength to face the anxieties of life.  
  • Orange: It is associated with increased creativity and happiness. 
  • Yellow: It is related to energy, power, and strength, which helps focus and concentrate on essential parts of life. 

What are the different types of evil eye jewelry?

1. Evil eye bracelet

    This is the perfect charm that is worn as good luck wishes on any occasion. The idea is to give you an elegant piece of jewelry with great positive strength. The evil eye bracelets are made with beautiful designs that can be worn daily and on special occasions.  Some must-have bracelets are:

    • Mini Evil Eyes Bracelet
    • Evil Eye Rosegold Beaded Chain Bracelet 
    • Clover Evil Eye Silver Bracelet 
    • Link Chain Mini Evil Eye Bracelet 

    These are some perfect bracelets that will protect your aura from all the negativities. 

    2. Evil eye necklace, pendants, and chains

    Wearing an evil eye necklace will protect you from evil eyes and shield the doom again. It will reveal the true emotions of the world, specifically the evil eye. Various types of evil eye necklaces available are:

    You might have noticed that silver is being used with the evil eye. The reason being silver is going to rule the jewelry trends. 

    3. Evil eye earrings and studs

      Once you want to make a style statement and avoid evil eyes, this is the best jewelry option. Wear them and flaunt your positivity and stay healthy as the evil eye protects your soul. Some famous jewelry styles for earrings are:

      • Mini Evil Eye Earrings 
      • Evil eye studs 
      • Evil eye earrings 

      How can you boost your karma with evil eye jewelry?

      • Keep your jewel close. A piece of evil eye jewelry can be worn as a bracelet pendant or necklace to keep the bad spirits away. 
      • It is often great to gift an evil eye charm to bless them with good luck and best wishes. Good karma will never hurt. This can be given to celebrate an important milestone. 
      • Wear various designs of evil eye jewelry. It must represent elegance and simplicity. 

      The Final Note!

      Isn’t it fun collecting different evil eye jewelry items? And the best part is you get some strong powers and gain desirable things in life. Many people belonging to various cultures are using evil eyes to protect themselves from bad luck, injuries, bad fortune, and accidents. 

      Perhaps having an evil eye as an amulet is just not a fancy piece of jewelry. With the right knowledge, you can witness the good benefits of it.

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