Remember These Important Tips While Wearing Silver Necklace

Silver is one of the most trending and lovable choices of today’s women. Not only it is beautiful, but also strong. For this reason, women love wearing silver necklaces on special occasions. It brings a wow factor to the overall look and adds a charm to the personality. No matter what event it is, silver necklace goes with every look!


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Keeping in mind the modern silver jewellery preferences, we have curated a list of important tips that no women should miss out while wearing a silver necklace. Let us have a deeper look at it here:


  1. When you like any jewellery, you wish to wear it almost every day! Right? Well, we suggest you wear your silver necklace regularly as it makes the natural glow of silver better. Just make sure that if you are sweating way too much, then avoid wearing your silver necklace regularly. Also, when it’s not in use, keep it aside in a closed box.
  1. Do not wear your silver necklace with any other jewellery. This way, you can avoid scratches and use your necklace for a long time. 
  1. Use a wipe cloth to clean your silver necklace. It’s important to take care of the components of the silver. A special silver cleaning cloth is available in the market, do use that. 
  1. Use a brush for cleaning your silver necklace. 


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Silver Necklace Wearing Ideas:

  • Match it with any decent-looking dress or top-It will give a rich look. 
  • If it’s a day time, you can wear a fancy-looking dress in cold colour and pair it with a silver necklace.
  • If it’s a night time, you can choose to wear your silver necklace with diamonds or rubies.
  • Choose a simple & decent earring to pair with the necklace.
  • Wear black or silver color clothes and you are still ready to flaunt your look with a silver necklace.
  • For office day, wear a simple silver necklace.
  • Wear all black with a small diamond-studded silver necklace or maybe a silver necklace with multi-coloured stones.


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Most Trending Dress Colours to Pick with A Silver Necklace:


  1. Black
  2. Silver
  3. Shades of white
  4. Dark Blue


Silver Necklace Design Selection Tips:


  1. For a dress/top that has work, shapes or patterns on it- Choose a short necklace
  2. With a basic dress/top- Go with a long silver necklace
  3. If wearing a simple outfit, pick a semi-statement pendant with a silver necklace.


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