Jewellery to Wear on The First Day to Work

The first day of work is always special for everyone. Whether it's your first job or a new workplace, you always want to make sure that you look your best in the office when it's your first day. Going by the phrase “The first impression is the last impression”, you would definitely want to leave a long-lasting impression on your colleagues and your boss and it is extremely important that you look comfortable, presentable and confident. You can either purchase silver ornaments online and try them on your special day or go to stores to try some gold ornaments which are decent and simple yet appealing.

Wearing gold to work on a daily basis is not the best suggestion as everyone can’t afford it and sometimes, it is also a bit risky because of the unwanted elements so silver can be a classy, affordable and a trendy choice.

Observe The Mood:

Before deciding what to wear on the first day at work, make sure to observe the environment at your workplace when you go for the personal interview itself. Observe what people wear, how they dress up, is the mood in the office a bit casual or strictly professional and many other things. Based on your observation, you have to decide how you are going to dress and look on the first day. Adding or removing the jewellery will be based on what others wear at work because you would not want to be the talk of the town on the first day itself.

Excess of Anything is Bad:

All of you must be aware of this but as a guide, it's our duty to remind you once again that you must not overdo anything as that will definitely ruin everything you planned. When we say overdo, we mean jewellery and clothing. It is extremely important to make a balance between your clothing and jewellery you choose to wear so that you look decent and carry the confidence that is required at the workplace. When it comes to jewellery, never wear heavy and big necklaces on the first day of work. Avoid thickly studded bangles and select thin bracelets that look decent. Rather than going for big rings, you can go for simple bands which you can easily find if you purchase silver ornaments online.

Select The Right Colour:

Selecting the right colours for the right occasion is always the key. You would never want to look bold and want your colleagues to talk about your poor fashion sense rather than the work you are assigned to. Silver, grey, black, cream are some of the colours that do not look too bold and do the job perfectly. Avoid heavy colours like Red, orange, yellow and green.

Simplicity Says Everything:

Being simple and sober have their perks and the more simple you are, the more attractive you look when it comes to office etiquettes. As said earlier, never overdo with jewellery or clothing and try to stay as simple as possible as you would want people to judge you on your work and that will boost your confidence.

Rings and Bracelets:

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Rings and bracelets can do wonders with your beauty and make you look absolutely gorgeous but you must be careful in choosing rings and bracelets when it comes to wearing them at work. Wearing one or two rings is absolutely fine but never wear too many rings like three-four especially if you are in a white-collar job which requires you to do a lot of typing. Also, thin rings would not cause any discomfort and look decent. Never wear bracelets to work which have things hanging out of them as they will cause utter discomfort and would look too bold for the workplace.

What Not to Wear:

Till now we have discussed what should be worn at the workplace which makes you presentable and decent and boosts your confidence as well. Some things that you must avoid on the first day of your work are noisy jewellery. Like bracelets or bangles that are thick and studded with heavy big stones must always be avoided so that they do not interfere with your work and cause problems. Also, instead of going for layered necklaces, you can always wear a simple chain with small pendants as heavy necklaces will always come on the way whenever you bend down for anything and will cause discomfort.

Choose perfect sterling silver jewellery for work and your confidence will boost up like anything and you will be able to give your best at work.

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