How to Wear Your Silver Jewellery to Look Your Best?

Silver Jewellery is the talk of the town these days and you will not find even a single person who is not fond of these amazing jewellery. The stylish and beautiful looking silver jewellery will make any woman fall for it in no time. The history of women and men wearing silver jewellery is very old and this jewellery has not lost their charm till now, in fact, gained it. Sterling silver jewellery comes in thousands of patterns and designs and is much affordable in cost as compared to precious metals like gold and platinum.

Everybody wants to look perfect when they are wearing their favourite piece of jewellery and want people to notice them instantly. Well, what if everybody is wearing good jewellery in a party just like you? How will you get noticed? The answer to this is the combination and colour of clothes you are wearing that goes the best with your jewellery. 

If you want to flaunt your jewellery, it is very important that you wear clothes that are in contrast with your jewellery and makes it look bright rather than just getting lost in the colour of your clothes. 

Colours that go well with silver

As said above, wearing contrast coloured clothes with jewellery is very important to enhance the looks. Black is the color that is best suited with sterling silver jewellery. The colour of the silver is light and the black clothes you wear just makes your jewellery noticeable from a distance. The dark colour of the cloth makes the silver shine more and it looks lustrous and bright and this is the reason black is considered the best colour against silver jewellery and you can literally wear any silver jewellery with black and it will look fabulous.

Apart from black, other colours that go amazingly well with silver are Royal Blue, Navy Blue and dark green. These colours, in spite of being darker in shade, do not feel heavy on the eyes and beautifully solves the purpose as well. Imagine a long silver necklace sitting on a beautiful plain royal blue gown. All the eyes will definitely be on your necklace as your gown will be complimenting it in an amazing way giving you the look you always wanted.

If for some reason you do not have the colours mentioned above, you can also wear burgundy, purple, white or cream-coloured clothes. These also are some of the colours that perfectly complement silver and are very pleasing to eyes as well. Since these are considered as winters colours also, you can wear them 365 days of the year looking beautiful always. 

Designs to follow

As discussed already, if you are wearing silver jewellery, you must not wear anything that swallows your jewellery but wear something that compliments it. Always remember, never wear clothes that have multiple patterns while you are wearing silver jewellery and if at all you decide to wear it, keep it simple i.e. wear a simple necklace or a bracelet that does not have much detailing. Wearing multi-coloured clothes with silver is a strict no-no as your jewellery will be almost invisible behind those different colours as silver has a lighter shade. A monogram necklace goes very well with simple dresses and is perfect for all occasions as well.

What colours to choose in winters

While white is a colour which you can wear all year round with your silver jewellery, there are few colours that are strictly against the trend of silver. It is always advisable to stay away from pasty colours like lilac, light green, light blue and light pink as they will never compliment silver but will swallow it. Also, wearing silver jewellery on yellow colour clothes will make it barely visible and there would be no point wearing that expensive jewellery. 

Instead of these, you can try vanilla yellow, soft peach or ice pink colours as they are perfect for summers and compliment silver in the best possible way. It is very important to choose the right colours for your jewellery.

Customized silver jewellery

If you are planning to customize your silver jewellery, make sure that the gems you are wearing are in contrast to the colour of the clothes you are wearing. For example, you cannot wear pearls with yellow or pink clothes as they will not be noticeable at all. Wearing diamonds with royal blue clothes is one of the best combinations you can have.

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