How to take care of your Sterling Silver jewelry?

It’s not uncommon to love your Sterling Silver Jewelry more than anything else and be passionate about owning it. Between its lustre, brilliance, and versatility, it’s easy to see why sterling silver is one of the most popular materials for jewelry.

But, like everything, time can take its toll if you don’t look after it. All jewelry needs some care and attention to be kept at its sparkling best. If you're not sure where to start, here are some quick guidelines on how to properly take care of your Sterling Silver jewelry. These tips will surely help you keep your Sterling Silver Jewelry looking good for years.

Right Storage

Right Storage - How to take care of your Sterling Silver Jewelry


Storing your jewelry is one of the most important parts of care. Silver jewelry should never be kept with other metals or in the open. Always store each of your jewelry pieces separately in an airtight bag/box/cloth pouch with anti-tarnish properties. Storing many pieces together in one bag/box may create tangling, scratching, tarnish, and this needs to be avoided for proper care. Store your jewelry in a place away from humidity, heat and excessive light.

4 ‘S’ rules of Jewelry

4 ‘S’ rules of Jewelry - How to take care of your Sterling Silver Jewelry

  • Never Sleep with Jewelry On if it has sharp edges or it is very delicate.

  • Never Swim with Jewelry On.

  • Avoid Sweating, don’t exercise or do household chores with Jewelry On.

  • Avoid Sprays; don’t use perfumes or hair sprays while wearing your jewelry.

Avoid Contact

Avoid Contact - How to take care of your Sterling Silver Jewelry

Silver tarnishes when it comes into contact with cleaning products or chemicals and food items that comprise sulphur, such as coconut milk/oil, mayonnaise, eggs, mustard, garlic and onions, cause silver to corrode. Lotions and cosmetics are also foes of silver and will accelerate its sullying.

Be careful and clean regularly

Be careful and clean regularly - How to take care of your Sterling Silver Jewelry

Handle with care. Sterling Silver may scar easily. Never hit or press it hard against any solid surface. Use a simple Microfiber cloth or special Silver polishing cloths to clean your jewelry pieces. Using the cloth gently will get your pieces looking brilliant again.

Wear to prevent tarnish

Wear to prevent tarnish - How to take care of your Sterling Silver Jewelry

We advise that you wear Sterling silver Jewelry daily or regularly. Wearing your silver jewelry regularly can help to slow down the process of tarnishing as the metal moving against your skin and itself will help to keep it clean and prevent darkening. Sterling silver jewelry is made to be worn, so put on pieces and let your skin do the work.


It's just a few simple steps to keep your jewelry shine and last even longer, so why not take these simple efforts, Right?

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