How to Clean Your Silver Jewellery?

Considering the fascination for Sterling Silver jewellery, it is one of the most popular materials used to create stunning designs. One of the compelling features of Sterling Silver is that the tarnishing phase can be delayed by wearing the jewellery regularly. Owing to this feature, we often tend to disregard the need to clean it, resulting in it to an early corrode. The process of cleaning your silver jewellery is quite simple and renders you the perfect shine and lustre, once again!

Here are some organic methods to help you clean your silver jewellery:

  1. Baking soda and water: All you need is some water, baking soda, and a clean cloth. Make a paste using baking soda and water, and use a clean cloth to apply a pea-sized amount of the paste on your jewellery piece. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to lightly massage it, and finally clean the jewellery with warm water and a clean cloth.

  2. Ketchup: Yes, it sounds bizarre, but ketchup can help polish your jewellery and restore its shine. Spread a little ketchup on a paper towel and scrub it on the tarnished areas of your silver. Wait for 15 minutes to gently wash it, and you’ll find your silver afresh, with a gleaming look.

  3. Polishing: Silver, being a soft material is vulnerable to scratches. Hence, it is advisable to use a special silver cloth to polish your jewellery. However, while using it, be careful of the following:

  • Do not use paper towels or tissues
  • Do not rub in circles (it enhances any scratches)
  • Try and change the section of the cloth used while cleaning
  • With silver-plated items, be careful to not remove the plating

In case you wish to opt for professional care:

Commercial silver cleaners: It is not difficult to find dips and polishes for silver. However, it is strongly recommended to take help from professional commercial silver cleaners to avoid any serious harm to yourself or your jewellery. If you decide to clean it yourself, be careful of the following:

  • Do not inhale the vapour from the silver polish (can be fatal)
  • Be aware of special disposal techniques, as it can contaminate groundwater or harm the environment
Sterling Silver jewellery can give you many years of satisfaction and happiness with regular good care. Preventive care will help you keep your jewellery intact and shiny!

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