How to Buy Silver jewellery?

Silver jewelleries are the most common form of ornaments people prefer to wear these days. Few important reasons for silver being preferred so much are the fact that it is very much affordable as compared to other metals like Gold and Platinum. SIlver is also durable in comparison to other metals and also can be used for a longer time without wear and tear. Some of the most common forms of silver jewellery which are very popular are sterling silver jewellery, pure silver jewellery and silver plates. If you are looking to buy silver jewellery, here are some tips which will act as a buying guide for you before you purchase any type of silver jewellery.

Sterling Silver

Since pure silver is very soft in nature and chances of deformation is too high during the usage, jewellers use Sterling Silver to make jewellery. Sterling silver jewellery is not the purest form of silver but is an alloy which is made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal which is usually copper. This alloy gives the metal extreme durability and makes it perfect for daily usage and also makes it look very attractive with profound lustre and shine.

Pure Silver

We have been hearing a lot about pure silver since childhood and there is a common misconception about pure silver that it is better only because it is pure, which is actually not the case. Pure silver is very soft due to which it is very difficult to wear pure silver jewellery in practice. They get easily deformed and lose shape from time to time and hence it is not recommended to wear rings made of pure silver.

Silver Plates

Silver plates are just pieces of metals with silver coatings on it and are not useful for any concrete purpose other than giftings. Silver coating is done on the metal pieces which are usually copper and are not as valuable as pure silver or sterling silver. The major reason behind this is that the silver coatings did eventually get peeled off with time and the only thing left with you is the base metal.

Designs and Patterns

No matter how old you are, no matter what you like and no matter how your built is, sterling silver jewellery has so many designs and patterns available that you will definitely love some or the other design. Pendants, Pendant Sets, rings, bracelets and what not. You will find some of the most attractive jewellery and have a wide variety of designs to choose from.


No matter whether you are purchasing the jewellery from stores or online, there are a few points that must be remembered before you purchase.
  1. Your skin might be allergic to some metals so always make sure to test yourself before purchasing silver jewellery
  2. Sterling silver never attracts to a magnet so make sure to test your piece of jewellery with a magnet to ensure it doesn’t contain any other metal and is pure
  3. Always ask the shop owner to do a Nitric Acid test so that the purity of the silver can be ensured.
  4. Always look for the 925 mark or the Hallmark on the silver to ensure its quality and purity.
  5. Always ask about after-sales policies, exchange and return policies before purchasing.

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