How simple looking jewellery can change your look

Jewellery are the small pieces that make you look good and change your overall personality in no time. Jewellery has been an eternal part of humans since long despite gender. Kings and Queens in olden times used to wear heavy jewellery and people still wear them not only for fashion purposes but for traditional and ceremonial purposes as well. Wearing jewellery, especially ones made of silver, will never get old and if you buy silver jewellery online, you will see thousands of designs and patterns which always lure people to try them and add something new to their looks.

If you want to look the best, be as simple as possible as simplicity is the best thing you can wear. Many people think that they will be able to grab eyes only if they wear heavy jewellery which is not the case. No matter what the occasion is, carrying a simple look will always attract people if you know exactly what you need to wear to keep it simple yet amazing. In this article, we will be discussing how simple looking jewellery can boost your look and give you immense confidence if carried perfectly.


Seven Interconnected Flowers And You Silver Pendant Chain

If you want to have a simple look that glamorizes your personality at the same time, there can be no other jewellery suitable for this other than pendants. Pendants look very simple and decent and give you that class and elegance you have been looking for.

If you buy silver jewellery online, you must have seen a number of designs of pendants which look just beautiful without being heavy on your personality. The most important thing for your pendant to look good is the selection of color of your dress. Silver pendants look amazing on black dresses or dark colored ones as both the colors contrast each other very well. 

Pendants are suitable for all occasions and are very affordable too. Whether you are going out with friends or attending an office meet, a simple looking pendant can always add an X factor to your looks.


Bangle Bracelets

Bangles are usually heavy when they are selected for parties and traditional functions but there are a lot of designs these days which are kept very simple so that bangles can be worn on other occasions as well.

Simple pair of bangles can be paired with almost any outfit from sarees, to skirts and a pair of jeans and they look incredible with all the attire. Small stones studded bangles are a great option for office and personal parties. Sterling silver bangles are in trend right now and you can make the most of it by selecting the right one for the right occasion


Blue Twinkler Covered With Tiny Sparkling Stones Silver Bracelet

Bracelets have become one of the most important fashion accessories for men and women these days. They come in so many designs that choosing one for yourself becomes very difficult. Silver bracelets are very common and on high demand due to affordability and looks.

When it comes to simplicity, bracelets are mostly simple in looks and carry that grace which you always wanted. A simple bracelet can be worn daily at work to get a sophisticated look and it matches with Indian as well as western attires very well.

Bracelets with a single stone, with names written on them or couple bracelets look very simple but add glamour to your personality.


Sterling Zewar Earrings

Earrings come in a lot of different varieties and most of them are heavy and studded with stones and small chains to make them look attractive. A simple earring will always look better and more beautiful than a heavy studded earring unless you are wearing it on a wedding. 

Heart-shaped earrings and earrings in the shape of petals and flowers are very common these days that look very simple yet extremely beautiful. They are perfect for almost all the occasions like office meetings, casual outings and family dinners. 


Two In One Round Halo Diamond Sterling Silver Ring

Rings come in a lot of variants and range from affordable to very costly price ranges. You can either opt for costly ones like gold, platinum and diamond rings or go for the cheaper yet the best alternative of silver rings.

Simple looking rings grab more attention and appreciation as compared to costly or heavy ones. Simple rings are available in many designs and you can choose the one that is best suited to you without worrying much about the price. Thin rings with simple designs like petals, butterflies etc look very attractive. Silver bands look extremely attractive as well and look great on men too.

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