Facts You Must Know About Sterling Silver

Sterling silver-Sterling Silver- Sterling Silver everywhere!

It’s getting popular and love beyond any limits and we think that it’s totally worth it!

Lot of people have started to buy and adapt the sterling silver jewellery in their collection and their reasons are quite genuine. It’s unique and beautiful in its own way. It’s not any common thing, instead it is ordinary things put together that reflects its extra-ordinary look. Not only this, the overall look matches the affordable costing that it demands. The look and feel of sterling silver go well with every outfit and that’s why it is easy to pick and match with your fashion statement. The sterling silver rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and everything are all gorgeous!

Have all the above points put you in a more confused state of mind as to what exactly is sterling silver and are really curious to know more about it! If the answers is yes then you have landed at the right place. With our experience and love for sterling silver jewellery, we cannot wait to put straight all the facts about sterling silver that you must know.

Let’s learn about Sterling Silver!


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What is Sterling Silver actually?

To break the bubble, sterling silver comes under the category of an alloy metal. Sterling silver is nothing but 92.5 % of pure silver mixed with a small 7.5 % hint of other metals. This property adds more feature to the final sterling jewellery. It positively influences the quality of the jewellery- makes it shinier, it makes it stronger and sturdy. It’s a durable and an excellent silver jewellery choice for all.

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It’s Finishing Makes It More Shiny

Sterling silver isn’t naturally shiny. The process of flashing done to make the sterling silver jewellery adds shine and sparkle to the final look of it. This works as a bonus feature to the jewellery as it adds a layer of shine that prevents from getting tarnished. Isn’t the work of flash so beautiful?

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It’s Important to Store It at A Suitable and Careful Place

One of the best things about sterling silver is that it allows you to enjoy every activity without having to worry about anything. You can freely wear it while bathing or washing hands and it will stay as it is, without any loss of shine. But, one thing that is extremely important to keep in mind is that very little thing like the place of storage of sterling silver jewellery can cause a life-long or permanent damage to it. Therefore, it is important to store it at the best-suited place. Use a cloth pouch or a dedicated compartment to keep your sterling silver jewellery. This helps in preventing the jewellery from scratches or any other such damage. Avoid wearing it while swimming or from salt-water as the chemicals also harm the sterling silver jewellery. Hair-sprays and perfumes are also not good for the shine of the sterling silver jewellery. So, don’t forget to store it carefully at a safe place.

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It Doesn’t Suit All Skin-Type

While sterling silver jewellery is a popular choice for many people but unfortunately, it may not suit all. The process of flashing used for making the sterling silver jewellery is why it may not suit well.

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It’s One of The Strongest

As we have boasted enough of the silver jewellery by mentioning it’s beautiful shine, durability, popularity and the elegant look & feel. There is one more awesome property to keep in mind and that it its stronger than you think it is! As sterling silver is made up of silver + meal combination, it makes it really strong without affecting its beauty. Because of this, you can an assurance of its long life. The strength is also its beauty!

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