Everything You Need to Know About Cleaning Your Bracelet

Bracelets are one of the finest pieces of jewellery a man or a woman can own. Bracelets are extremely graceful, presentable and gain people’s attention immediately. Bracelets are perfect for all occasions whether you are in a business meeting, wearing it in the office on a daily basis or going for a traditional wedding or festivals. If you are an online shopper and buy silver bracelet online, you will see a wide variety of bracelets for different occasions. Thin bracelets of sterling silver with small stones on it would go perfectly in offices and casual parties while heavy bracelets studded with big colourful stones would be perfect for weddings and festivals.

It is a bitter truth that all the jewellery after a point of time starts to show age. Whether it's tarnishing or a coating on the upper surface of the metal, after some time of usage, your bracelet might start to look dull, old and lose lustre. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways by which you can clean your bracelets and make them look like new and fresh ones. Some of the methods of cleaning them are discussed below.

Reasons for The Dullness of Metals:

One of the major reasons for the dullness of metals is the oxidation process which mainly occurs in silver and copper. While 24k gold does not tarnish easily, a 14k gold definitely tarnishes with time due to oils present in our skin. Dust particles present in the atmosphere also tarnish the precious metals making it look dull over time.

Washing with A Detergent:

Washing your bracelet with detergent is the first step towards cleaning it. Take just 2 or 3 drops of detergent in a cup and mix it with water.

Keep the bracelet in the cup filled with detergent for a few minutes so that detergent particles get inside the pores properly.

After a few minutes, clean the bracelet and the stones (if any) gently with a toothbrush. Make sure not to go hard on the metal as it might damage the metal or break the soft joints.

Any oil or dirt particles present in gold and stainless steel usually gets removed completely with these steps. For copper and silver, the layers formed on them are due to oxidation and hence a different method is applied on them to remove the oxidised layers.

Cleaning Bracelets with Precious Stones:

sterling silver bracelets

Bracelets with precious stones studded on them require special attention and care while cleaning them as even a small mistake might damage the stone and ruin the beauty of your bracelet permanently.

Purchase a non-abrasive polishing cloth and wipe the oxidised layer gently. They do not damage the stones and remove all dirt and coatings from the metal.

In case you do not have a polishing cloth, make a paste of cream of tartar and apply the paste on the bracelet carefully avoiding the stones as much as possible. Take a soft brush and gently rub the cream on the surface to clean it.

Cleaning Bracelets without Precious Stones:

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When your bracelets don’t have stones on them, it becomes easier to clean them as you can go a bit hard on the metal without worrying about the stones.

Make a solution of vinegar and salt, dip a soft brush in the solution and rub the brush harder on the surface of the metal. You will notice that in no time, all the dirt and the layer of oxidation is removed making the metal look exactly how it was earlier.

If the copper has a blue coating, instead of taking the salt vinegar solution, take a cloth dipped in vinegar and dip the cloth in a bowl of salt making it very abrasive. Rubbing that cloth harder on the metal will surely remove the blue coating and dark black coating from silver.

Get Rid of Tarnishing:

If you buy silver bracelet online, you must have noticed in the reviews that most of the people write that their silver gets tarnished easily and hence they avoid purchasing pure or sterling silver. But now since you know how to remove dirt and coatings from your favourite sterling silver bracelets, you will notice that as soon as your bracelets get tarnished, you can apply any one of the above methods to make it look absolutely new and fresh thus not worrying about tarnishing anymore.

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