Different types of jewellery for different necklines

Necklaces are the most beautiful types of jewelleries for women and something that they love to flaunt. Necklaces have been an eternal part of women fashion since long and even history tells us that queens and princesses of olden times used to wear a lot of heavy necklaces made up of precious metals like gold and silver. From history to modern times, the designs, patterns and style of necklaces have surely evolved but its demand has not changed. Sterling silver jewellery has a high demand amongst all ages of women because of its affordability, variety in designs and low maintenance.  

When it comes to necklaces, there are a lot of intricacies involved if you want to look perfect in what you are wearing. The necklace you are wearing must suit your personality as well as the occasion so that you leave no stones unturned in grabbing all the eyes. Apart from other aspects, one thing you must not be knowing about getting your perfect look in the necklace is the “neckline”. Perfectly paired necklines and jewellery make a great combo and makes everything just perfect for you. Below is the list of the most commonly worn necklines and jewellery

Tube necklines

Choker Necklace

The most amazing things about tube or strapless necklines is that they elongate your neck and makes it look attractive. Choker types of necklaces are best suited for these necklines so that all the attention is focussed on your necklace and you get the attention you always desired. Small charms and pendants on these necklaces would make a great combo too.

Sweetheart necklines

Silver Pendent

If you have a sweetheart neckline, you can just opt any type of pendant with a chain and that would look amazing on you. For a perfect look, choose necklaces that have pendants which lie right above your neckline and stay on your bosom to give a distinguished look.

Turtle necks

Silver Pendent


Turtle necks or high necklines are very difficult to accessorise amongst all the other necklines because such necklines make your neck look shorter. With such necklines, always wear necklaces with pendants that end at your chest so that your neck looks longer and attractive and you look gorgeous.

Off-shoulder necklines

These types of necklines focus on the decolletage or low-cut neckline area in women and just like sweetheart necklines, bring a lot of attention to this area. A simple and decent necklace that ends above your neckline would go perfectly with off-shoulder necklines. An additional arm accessory would make a perfect combo with such a necklace.

Boat necklines

Plain Earrings

Boat necklines do not demand heavy jewellery on them as they themselves are considered to be very attractive on their own. Try wearing decent and small studded or plain earrings to give yourself the gorgeous look where all the attention is on your neckline and nowhere else. Any simple Sterling silver jewellery would look amazing on such necklines.

V-shaped necklines

Triangular neckless

The triangular shape of such necklines are very difficult to accessorise as other shapes do not sync in perfectly with the V shape. The best thing is to highlight the V shape even more by wearing a triangular-shaped pendant with a short necklace so that everything matches perfectly and looks symmetrical.

Deep scoop necklines

Single chain pendent

Single chains with simple pendants look perfect and give you an elegant and simple look. Deep scoop or deep V-shaped necklines expose a lot of skin which gives you a chance to wear many heavy jewellery so you can try layered necklaces to fill the exposed skin. Looks amazing on traditional occasions.

Square-shaped necklines

Angular pendent

People with Square-shaped necklines are actually blessed as it looks beautiful. Short chains or necklaces with angular pendants and ends on your collar bones are usually best suited for such necklines as the jewellery is highlighted to the core making you look beautiful and elegant. You always need to be cautious while accessorising such necklines as anything wrong might ruin your complete look.

Crew necklines

Round Pendent

The idea here is to highlight the natural neckline and for the crew necklines which are round-shaped, selecting round types of necklaces would highlight them perfectly. For shorter necklaces, the pendant must lie above the neckline while for the longer ones, they must extend your neckline. Necklaces ending on the neckline would not be of much use as they will not be much visible.

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