8 Tips To Take Care Of Your Jewellery While Travelling

When you pack your bags for a beautiful trip, the most significant confusion is whether to pack jewellery or not. Since sterling silver jewellery holds excellent value, many travellers feel like leaving them home so that they don't lose their collection on the trip. 

Though it seems hard to travel safely with jewellery, we all know that no look is complete without a few chunky pieces. Here we are sharing apne tips that will help you take care of your jewellery while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Take Pictures Of Jewels 

Always click pictures of whatever jewellery you take for the trip. It helps find it when you lose any of them. Moreover, if you find your jewellery, you have the proof that it's yours.

Let Your Insurance Carrier Know 

Let your insurance company know about your travelling details. It's essential to keep them notified about your trip dates.

Don't Keep It in Luggage

Most of us keep everything in luggage and use handbags just for money and makeup. Carry your jewellery in your purses wherever you go. Sometimes we forget to pick up luggage bags plus jewellery could get stolen when the luggage is in the hotel room or wherever you stay. 

Use Plastic Bags To Pack Your Jewellery

Plastic bags prevent jewellery from moisture and other outside effects. Use transparent bags so that you can see what's inside. You can also label the type of item like earring, necklace, bracelet. Put only one piece in each bag. Also, refrain from putting pearl jewellery in such packets for a long time. Use pins to store small clips, earrings, and brooches to prevent them from moving and scratching against each other. 

Store in A Pillbox 

Pillboxes are a great way of storing jewellery without creating a mess. You can put in pieces for each day according to the dresses you have decided to wear. It will save you time while getting ready. Also, these are safe and prevent your jewellery from corrosion. The boxes have many compartments, and you can put one piece in each. 

Clean Your Jewellery Wisely 

Never use cotton balls or pads to clean or store your jewels. Cotton leaves its fibre on the jewellery. You can use saran wrap or plastic bags used by dry cleaners for storing. For cleaning, you can use the eyeglass cleaning cloth or a polishing cloth. The microfiber cloth piece is soft on jewels and maintains its shine. Use it to clean the jewellery before wearing. 

Use Straws To Prevent Chains From Tangling 

Tangling chains are so stressful. Use straws to store chains, so that they don't tangle and you can wear them comfortably. 

Don't Pack The Whole Collection

You don't have to pack everything to look stylish. Pack a few pieces and think of how you can style those few in multiple ways. Even one single chunky choker can get you numerous looks. 

These were a few tips to take care of your jewellery so that you can travel stress-free.

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