8 Reasons To Buy Silver Jewellery Over Gold

Silver and gold are two of the most loved metals for ages. Jewellery lovers purchase them as an investment and to complete their collection. These two equally beautiful metals are different from each other in more than one ways.

Apart from having a unique shine, both need different maintenance. Nowadays, silver is winning the race as more and more people buy silver jewellery online. Let’s see what makes silver run ahead of gold.

Silver is Inexpensive

First of all, silver is far affordable in comparison to gold. While one gram silver can be bought under rs hundred, the prices of one gram gold scale in thousands. Money is not the problem with silver and that's why it is for all of us.

Sterling Silver is Durable

Both gold and silver can be easily moulded into any shape. Pure silver is, however, hard to maintain as it starts tarnishing over time. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver and copper which looks extremely beautiful and is easy to maintain. A little care will keep the jewellery as good as new.

Silver Jewellery is Readily Available

You will not find much stock of gold in the market, but silver is readily available in the market. Since it is cheaper in comparison to gold, sellers tend to keep larger stocks of the metal.

You Have Unending Varieties to Choose From

As mentioned above gold is kept in limited stock. Silver, on the other hand, comes in a variety of elegant designs which we earlier saw only in artificial jewellery.

From rings to earrings, and chokers to tikas, silver jewellery rocks the show when it comes to variety.

Sterling Silver Comes With Zero Headache

Gold is expensive and comes with a lot of headaches. What if someone steals it from your house? What if you lose it somewhere in the function?

Silver being an affordable option comes with zero headaches. It won’t hurt much even if you lose it or damage it. We understand the emotional pain of losing favourites, but when it’s expensive, the pain is on another level.

Silver is a Style Statement

Gold looks pretty, but silver is a style statement. From tribal jewellery to boho rings, silver is all over the trend.

The most elegant and trendiest pieces are made in silver and that makes it a forever choice irrespective of price and maintenance.

As a girl what excites me most about silver jewellery is I can have a large collection of trendy jewellery without spending much.

You Can Have Plenty of Silver Jewellery

When it comes to owning the best, you have every girl on your list. We want the best and we want a lot. With silver, you can purchase as many pieces as you want and the price will be still less than one gold piece. What more do you want?

You Can Customize Designs to Match Your Personality

Customization is an option with both metals. But, what makes silver better here also is, it can be easily encrusted with anything. You can get your jewellery customized in any design you want. Moreover, jewellers also tend to experiment more with silver instead of gold.

Silver jewellery is affordable, classy, and it is all over the trend now. You can buy silver jewellery both online and offline. But when it comes to exploring the widest range of Silver jewellery online shopping is your way. You will have the largest collection right in front of you. Not only that, but we also assure you great discounts and amazing offers to make your jewellery shopping more interesting. Have any doubts? We are just a click away.

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