10 Sterling Silver Ring Designs by Zilverine that Every Woman Would Love to Flaunt

Silver jewellery never goes out of fashion. Since time immemorial, women have been coveting beautiful pieces of sterling silver jewellery that they can flaunt and also pass on to the next generations. The beauty of silver rings is unmatched when it is adorned with pearls or diamond. On delicate fingers, their beauty shines like a moonbeam. Sterling silver is the most trusted quality of silver and it is widely used across the world. Since pure silver is malleable to make jewellery or ornaments, generally 7.5% copper is added to the metal. That is why sterling silver is also described as 925 sterling silver. For centuries, it has been used for making coins, jewellery and sculptures which are still intact. No doubt luxurious yet affordable silver rings always stay in fashion.

If you are planning to buy silver rings online, it is advisable to purchase sterling silver rings, since it is the best and long-lasting form of silver. Once assured about the quality of the product, all you have to worry about is the design. It will not be difficult to pick a perfect piece or two from our wide-ranging collection. Let us take a look at silver ring designs that are trendy and evergreen. This will make choosing online sterling silver rings easier.

1. Classic Sterling Silver Heart Ring:

Classic Sterling Silver Heart Ring

Want to make the wife feel special on the anniversary? Or tell the girl you love that she is so special? What can be better than a sterling silver heart ring? If you are buying it for yourself, this the prettiest ring that expresses nothing but self-love. The sparkling heart-shaped ring on your delicate finger will fill you with love and happiness whenever you choose to wear it.

2. Sterling Silver Plain Band:

Sterling Silver Plain Band

Beauty lies in simplicity. This plain-looking silver ring holds a special place in the world of fashion. The unisex ring signifies deep love and strong bond. People who love minimalism and appreciate simplicity will absolutely love this ring. Another reason why you should have this in your collection is that it goes with almost everything. So, when you are confused about which ring you should wear, simply go for this classic sterling silver plain band.

3. Interconnected Petals with Golden Outline Silver Ring:

Interconnected Petals with Golden Outline Silver Ring

Are you a nature person who loves gold and silver jewellery equally? If the answer is yes, your search ends here. Six beautifully designed petals embracing each other with a hint of a golden outline can be the perfect ring you are looking for. This intricately designed ring will boast of your fine taste for art and jewellery. If you love flower motifs in jewellery, our collection of sterling silver rings will definitely impress you.

4. Sterling Silver Diamond Rings:

Sterling Silver Diamond Rings

We have an impeccable collection of sterling silver diamond rings. The designs of the rings resemble those of real diamond jewellery, each crafted carefully by our expert craftsmen. If you wish to buy an online silver diamond ring, we have an extensive collection of beautiful silver diamond rings.

5. Sterling Silver Pearl Rings:

Sterling Silver Pearl Rings

How would an embodiment of peace look like? Definitely like a sterling silver pearl ring crafted with perfection. Signifying peace and calmness, these beautiful silver pearl rings will add a little more calmness to your personality. These rings are a statement in themselves and will give your personality a new edge whenever you wear them.

6. Sterling Silver Rings with Gems:

Sterling Silver Rings with Gems

If you like to flaunt gems on your fingers, the beauty of shiny gems studded in the sterling silver ring can enchant you. It is said that gems have life in them, their colour speaks and their shine sings. Sterling silver rings with gems will fill you with vibrancy.

7. Bow Tie Sterling Silver Rings:

Bow Tie Sterling Silver Rings

If you have a fondness for colossal rings, bow tie sterling silver ring will definitely suit your taste. Their appearance is chunky and it speaks a lot about the personality of the woman wearing it.

8. Wave Shaped Sterling Silver Rings:

Wave Shaped Sterling Silver Rings

Do you like contemporary designs more than classic ones? We have a huge collection of rings to compliment your unique style and personality, just like this wave-shaped sterling silver ring. It is simple yet unconventional. Its beauty will attract those who love to experiment with their style.

9. Triple Band Sterling Silver Rings:

Bands are never going to get out of fashion. We have given a beautiful twist to the sterling silver band. Adding three layers to it, we adorned it with delicate diamonds. However, the highlight of the ring is one protruding diamond at the centre. For evening functions or parties, this is just the perfect choice that will make you stand out of the crowd.

10. Sterling Silver Engagement Ring:

Sterling Silver Engagement Ring

Make your engagement anniversary special with our sterling silver engagement ring which is carefully designed to signify bonding between the couple. Encrusted with delicate diamonds, it has one prominent diamond at the centre to signify the love that connects the couple.

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